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The following are selected testimonials in regards to our Endo-Fem and Meno-Fem products:

"Ten years I was diagnosed with endometriosis. After three surgeries, I found there was little to ease the pain and frustration. Because of interest in good health, I discovered Endo-Fem with PMS Plus through an ad. Only three months later, there has been a 75% improvement with my symptoms."

Phyllis H.
Centreville, VA

"After two surgeries and some major dietary changes, my endometriosis was still growing progressively worse. In my first month of using the Endo-Fem with PMS Plus, my menstrual pain decreased by about fifty percent. By the sixth month, my periods were completely pain-free. This supplement has allowed me to avoid any further surgeries or any drug therapies, and I am so grateful!"

Corinne D.
Honolulu, HI

"I started suffering from hot flashes when I was 49, about four years ago. It was worse at night, when I would often wake up in a sweat several times during the night. I just could never get a good night's sleep. About six months ago a friend told me about Meno-Fem menopause formula and it worked for me immediately. Since then, my hot flashes are gone and I sleep well every night. It is truly a Godsend!"

Mrs. Joyce C.
Marshall, VA

"I am 30 years old and have had female problems since I was a teenager. Then I began to have more problems a few years ago and was diagnosed as having premature menopause! I had hot flashes which kept me awake at night and was really grouchy in the daytime. A few months ago I heard about The Women's Health Network Meno-Fem menopause formula and it worked for me immediately. I now sleep well through the night and have no hot flashes at all. I feel like a normal person now, like I did when I was a pre-teen."

Angela de la R.
Sterling, VA

"Two years ago I began to get arthritis pain in my knee. For over a year my knee would hurt at night and while walking, so I spent $500 on X-rays and thought that I would need surgery. Nine months ago I started using the Women's Health Network Arthritis and Rheumatism formula, and after a few weeks I began to notice less joint pain in my knee. I have to admit that I have an 85% improvement in my arthritis since using this supplement."

J. Blesi
Tucson, AZ

"Although I do not have Endometriosis, I have always had the worst menstrual cramps of anyone I know. Painkillers only dulled the pain but gave no real relief. When I received my first order of Endo-Fem with PMS Plus I was on the second day of my period; I was flat on my back in bed and in severe pain. I took three tablets over the next 24 hours and felt so much better that I went back to work the next afternoon."

Deborah S.
Fredericksburg, VA

"All I can say is: Don't leave home without it!"

Kristin B.
San Diego, CA

Christina B., of Evansville, Indiana, began using Endo-Fem with PMS Plus in April of this year. Formerly, her menstrual pain would last a week or more every month. As of early July, her menstrual pain had ceased, she feels more energetic, and her allergies have improved also! This was an unexpected benefit! As a newlywed, she is also glad that symptoms of painful intercourse are decreasing since using our herbal formula. Due to her stage 5 diagnosis, she is using two tablets per day and drinks a lot of water to help the formula to work quickly and effectively.

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